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Here at Duval Fill Dirt, one of the many bulk materials we can deliver is fill dirt. Fill dirt has a great many uses in and around your yard. If you’re looking to complete your next Duval County landscaping project this fall, fill dirt might just be the way to go. Let’s take a closer look at how to use it.


As common and interesting as you might think it is, there’s more to fill dirt than you might expect. Fill dirt is extracted from beneath the ground, but it’s different than topsoil, screened or otherwise. To get the best fill dirt, you need to go beyond the first six inches or so of topsoil that you can find. Fill doesn’t have any nutrients or any other natural components that could cause problems when they start to break down later, either.


One of the ways you know you’re getting the best fill dirt possible is when you order from Duval Fill Dirt. If you live in Duval County, then chances are, you expect the best. When you go to order from us, be sure you know the difference between damp dirt and dry dirt. What’s the difference? Wet dirt can form clumps, and is harder to work with, meaning your landscaping project could turn out radically different than you intended. The size of the individual dirt clods matters as well. Unwanted, trapped air pockets could cause problems such as shifting once your project has been completed.


Do you need to increase the size of your lawn or landscape? Try using this dirt and see what happens. If you need to add a hill to your existing landscaping, then you need to use this material. Do you need to put up a fence, but find that your yard is uneven? In that case, packing in this dirt can create some more flat ground for you.


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