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With the new year beginning, many homeowners may be making their list of landscaping ideas they want to finally get to in 2020. But if you have a smaller backyard, the limited space available might make designing the area more difficult. However, there are plenty of creative ways to work with a smaller space that you might not have thought about before.

Even with a small backyard, you can use the space to create the illusion of a larger area and turn your basic backyard into a small oasis. Whether you want an outdoor reading space or a play area for the kids, you can design the space to incorporate everything that you want even without a huge area to work with.

With a few clever ideas that we will discuss below, you can take the ideas that you want to use and adapt them to work with your backyard space. This will make the design process easier and give you the best chance of using all of the limited space for the best layout and design possible so you can have an amazing landscape for any size backyard.

Wooden Playhouse

You may think that the small space you have would not be able to accommodate a full playhouse for your kids, but you can fit this small-scale option in any backyard. The simple design allows you to build it yourself with ease and fit it in even the smallest of backyards. Placing the wood in a triangle design will ensure there is plenty of overhead space, despite the playhouse not being wide.

This will allow you to create an open space in which kids can put toys and setups, like a plastic kitchen set or a chair and blanket for a reading space, without taking up every inch of the yard. With this easy design, you can just have dirt placed over the whole yard, which makes it easy to care for and even make a small stone walkway to the playhouse.


This relaxing choice is an option that everyone will love and get a lot of use out of. Without taking up much space, this design calls for four wooden columns and allows lots of greenery underneath a hammock tied to the columns. The use of plants keeps the area looking natural and organic without needing space for an entire garden, and because the plants are below the hammock, you save lots of room.

You can decide to plant whatever kind of plants or flowers under the hammock so you can have the look that you want. Flowers, succulents or small bushes all work for the space and are easy to care for. Plus, if you get a waterproof hammock, then you will not have to worry about getting the fabric wet when watering the plants.

Bench and Archway

Archway landscaping idea for small backyardIf you are a fan of elegant landscaping that gives you extra seating space, then you will easily fall for this beautiful small backyard idea. With some easy stone setting and an iron archway over the path, you can create a lovely walkway that leads to a bench at the end. This might sound like something that you might need a lot of space for, but it is completely achievable in a small space.

With some small stones placed carefully into a path of your chosen design, you can have a walkway that looks like it has been professionally done. Purchasing an iron archway that you can adorn with greenery and flowers to place at the start of the path will provide the finishing touch. Even with a smaller space, you can have the best-looking backyard of all your neighbors.

Lantern Hanger

Adding light sources in a backyard can make the space feel bigger than it actually is, which is what you need in a small backyard area. One creative way to do this is by making a lantern hanger that allows you to hang multiple lanterns that will illuminate the entire backyard at once. Making your own hanger out of wood is an easy way to make something that is one of a kind and unique to your backyard.

With just a few slabs of wood, you can fasten together a hanger that has two tall pieces, three across that connect them and a top piece that has some carving or decoration on it to separate it. The three pieces that connect to the two sides, which look like rungs, can each have a lantern hanging from them, allowing you to have three in the same area.

This will give you sufficient light to illuminate the small space with a gentle glow, and give you a small space at the bottom of the lantern holder to place extra dirt. In this dirt area, you can grow flowers or even plant fruits and vegetables for fresh produce. Herbs like mint and parsley can also be a great option for planting because they do not require much water and they grow fairly quickly.


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